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Building Systems

At STEDA Inc. we offer operation and maintenance of mechanical and electrical building systems, preventive maintenance and repairs of HVAC equipment, electrical systems and other building/facility related equipment, engineering management, customers service calls, etc.

our services


Steda Inc primarily deals with projects and technical consultancy in the area of civil and electrical engineering with specialization in geotechnical engineering, hydrotechnics, construction work, architecture, project management and planning.

We offer consultancy from the standpoint of an investor, supervisor, contractor engineer and other project participants, to various stakeholders. Our previous projects and recent work result from a detailed analysis and study of all factors.

Project planning is guided by cost-efficiency, and we suggest contemporary technical solutions and materials which speed up construction work, increase the quality and decrease the cost of investment cycle.



Profit driven North American market pushes small business owners to reduce the equipment and building systems downtime to a bare minimum. Unexpected failure is very expensive, both in terms of repair cost and customer satisfaction.

Planned maintenance and correct operation minimize systems and equipment downtime, reducing operating cost, increasing productivity, extending equipment life and of course, improving customers satisfaction.


Companies that try to do everything themselves meet with enormously high expenses. Project management requires skill, expertise and experience that small business owners are not equipped with.

Outsourcing is the only solution to this problem.

It lets a company focus on its core business while outside expert takes care about construction. Freed from devoting energy to areas that are not in its capability, the company can focus its resources on meeting customer’s needs, reducing company’s operating costs and increasing its competitive advantage.

We offer resources that clients cannot provide themselves: technical expertise (knowledge, experience, special skills, or creativity) and personnel that the client cannot spare.

No two projects are alike. Dealing with many variables determining its final outcome, the management of any project is a difficult and challenging task.

Each project requires specific services and solutions.

STEDA Inc. develops a customized scope of services for each project, based on the specific needs of the customer. Managing certain technical aspects well in advance, we minimize the risks involved in any construction project.

Variety of operations

Institutional, Commercial and Industrial customers

STEDA Inc. offers a variety of Building systems operations & maintenance services to institutional, commercial and industrial customers in GTA and south/west Ontario. Our high-quality low-cost service includes, but is not limited to:

  • Operation and maintenance of mechanical and electrical building systems
  • Performing preventive maintenance and repairs of HVAC equipment, electrical systems and other building/facility related equipment
  • Engineering management
  • Customers service calls


On behalf of the small business owners, managing the construction process for and with them, STEDA Inc. starts working with the Architect and/or the Engineer at the earliest possible stage of the project. This early implementation provides the client with a footstep and a strategic tool to manage different tasks, clearly defining scope, budget, schedule and resources.

The vast range of services that we provide include, but are not limited to:

  • drawings
  • specification and contract reviews
  • technical consultations
  • construction inspection and site meetings attendance
  • change order management
  • final inspection
  • testing
  • commissioning
  • training and handing/taking over process

Our targeted market is small to medium industrial, commercial, institutional and residential companies in GTA and south/west Ontario.